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To order your gift certificate, please call. We want to be certain that you receive the gift certificate that meets your needs and expectations.

Once payment is confirmed, the printable certificates will be delivered electronically. They can be emailed, or printed.

If you prefer, physical certificates can be delivered by Canada Post.

Gift certificates

Standard services all covered.

(Parts, materials, and third-party services not included.)

The following are gift certificates for standard services. All certificates include the $50 visit charge plus the specified service. GST is charged on the gift certificate at time of purchase so you can rest assured that the recipient will have NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES at time of redemption (unless they ask for additional services).

Computer Clean-up Gift Certificate - $100 

This covers a visit to do a diagnostic and basic optimization of the computer, checking the settings and configuration. If malware or large numbers of unwanted or misconfigured programs are the problem, additional charges will apply.

Operating System Service Gift Certificate- $150

The operating system service fixes most problems with malware (viruses, unwanted software, misconfiguration).

Major Task Gift Certificate - $150

Examples of a major task are an operating system service, malware removal, 1.5 hour training, setting up a network or backup, configuring a smart-TV system (with training).

Fixed value - $50

This is a conventional gift certificate that may be applied to any service. The amount is applied to the after-tax bill upon redemption (GST is not charged at time of purchase).

The Ultimate Gift Certificate
we've got it all covered.

(Parts, materials, and third-party services not included.)

This is a special offer intended for use as a gift only.  Price includes the $50 visit charge plus as many services as they need for one computer on one visit. GST is charged on the gift certificate at time of purchase so you can rest assured that the recipient will have NO ADDITIONAL LABOR CHARGES at time of redemption.

The Ultimate Gift Certificate - only $250 

The value of this certificate could be $500 or more depending on what needs to be done. The all-you-can-eat buffet of tech service.

Operating system service, software updates, data transfer, malware removal, device connection, networking. If it can be done in a day, it's covered (if it is elected to be done in more that one visit due to scheduling issues or part availability, it will still be covered).

The only extra charges that might be incurred are parts.

the gift certificate that gives without taking 

Less Surprises.

Most other places sell gift certificates are a fixed dollar amount and apply like cash. The person you are giving the certificate to would almost always need to pay more out of their own pocket.

Help-My-Tech offers gift certificates that cover it all. The person receiving the gift doesn't need to pay a thing.

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